What are the booking/cancellation policies?

Full fare required at time of reservation. Payment is accepted via cash or credit card. We can securely take credit cards over the phone or via email invoice.

The minimum number of passengers for our scheduled tour/sightseeingcombo tour/fishing, and winter tour/sightseeing is 2 passengers (or 2 paid spots with less than 2 passengers). The minimum number of passengers for our water taxi and diving trips is 3 passengers (or 3 paid spots with less than 3 passengers). The maximum number of passengers always on our boat is 6.

Full refunds are available more than 30 days from the scheduled trip. Under 30 days, a 50% refund will be honored. Cancellations within 24 hours and no-shows at the time of departure will receive no refund. We leave the dock promptly at the scheduled departure time, so be sure to leave extra time to get to Seward and find the boat.

We definitely don’t want to cancel your trip. However, sometimes things out of our control such as weather conditions or mechanical issues can require us to cancel a trip. If this happens we will let you know as soon as possible and offer either a full refund or a rebooking on a different day. Once under way, if a trip needs to be shortened due to weather, mechanical issues, etc., refunds will be issued on a pro-rated basis based on time.

All destinations, wildlife sightings, fishing catches, etc. are dependent on the weather and mother nature and are not guaranteed.

If fuel prices are over $4/gallon at the time of the trip, a fuel surcharge will be charged at the time of check in ($10 per passenger for half day trips, $20 per passenger for full day trips, and a prorated amount for custom trips/water taxi trips/etc. based on length of time or distance).

When should we arrive?

Plan on arriving at our dock slip 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. This allows ample time for check in, loading, etc.

Where do we meet the boat?

Missing Lynx is located in the Seward Small Boat Harbor, slip M-3, in the “uplands area” on the very south side of the harbor by the entrance to the harbor. Heading from the North (Anchorage) on the Seward Highway, turn left on Port Ave., then right on 4th Ave., then turn left at the blue signs for M, N, O, and P floats and the Seward Mariner's Memorial. Drive all the way out on the gravel parking area until you see the Seward Mariner's Memorial. Park, and walk down the ramp to the first boat you see. Parking is available for $10 per day in this area from the credit card kiosks (free in winter). Look for the credit card machines with the blue sign of a "P" on it. We pride ourselves in having the best slip in the harbor…we are the first boat down the ramp! If you have a lot of gear, etc., let us know; we have a dock cart available for use. If you are lost, please contact us for help finding our location.

Location of our boat
Map of our location
Coming from the North (Anchorage side) on 4th Ave., drive until you see these signs, then turn left and drive all the way out on the gravel parking lot until you see the Seward Mariner's Memorial.

Is my trip confirmed?

Feel free to contact us to confirm your trip at anytime. If you have gotten a confirmation email from us, however, rest assured that you are confirmed!

What if I am late?

Like other transportation and activities, we keep to a schedule. We leave the dock promptly at the scheduled departure time. Plan on arriving at our dock slip 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. This allows ample time for check in, loading, etc. Cancellations within 24 hours and no-shows at the time of departure will receive no refund. Please be sure to leave extra time to get to Seward and find the boat.

Will there be other people on the boat? Do you offer exclusive trips?

If a given trip is not fully booked, and others are interested, we will book other parties on the boat. However, we never run with more than 6 passengers on the boat.

Want the boat just to yourself or your group? We offer exclusive/fully private trips if you book all the spots on the boat...a guaranteed private custom trip for the duration of your stay with us! Contact us if you are interested in this option!

Do you offer online booking?

No, we do not. Because we offer so many different excursions, and like to tailor each trip to the individual or group, we prefer to talk with everyone over phone or email to ensure that you have the perfect trip! Contact us to book.

Are kids welcome on board?

Of course! As parents, we love kids of all ages! We have PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) for kids of all sizes and ages (and adults of course too!)

Are dogs welcome on board?

Sorry, no. We love dogs, but our boat unfortunately is not very accommodating for man's/woman's best friend.

Is the boat safe?

Absolutely! Missing Lynx follows all federal and state laws. The boat is meticulously maintained with redundant backup and emergency gear. In fact, we go over and above the minimum required safety gear and are equipped with multiple radios, a satellite phone, 2 EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons), and a life raft. Your captain will review safety gear and procedures with you before departure. Your safety is our number one priority.

Should I tip?

If you would like to show your appreciation for your captain and crew please feel free to tip. Tips are greatly appreciated! A 10 – 20% gratuity is customary if you feel we deserve it. There is a tip jar on the boat, you can give it to the crew, or we can run a tip on a credit card too.

Do you provide binoculars?

Yes! We have nice binoculars available for use by our guests.

What should I bring to eat and drink?

We have complimentary bottled water, hot water, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea on board. Please bring your own food and other drinks. Boating works up an appetite, so be sure to bring extra snacks!

What is your season?

As full-time Seward residents, we are always here and open for business. Winter is a great time to explore Seward without the crowds. Missing Lynx has a heater that will keep you warm inside. We will work with you on this to make sure you have an amazing winter experience that few ever have! We are Seward's only year-round water taxi, boat tour, and fishing company!

What should I wear?

Bring a variety of clothes to wear on board. Layering is the best way to go. Bring warm clothes, warmer than you think you might need, and some waterproof outerlayers. The boat has a comfortable, heated, and dry cabin, but you will probably want to be outside during part of day, even if it is cold and/or moist.

What shouldn’t I bring on board?

We comply with regulations for a drug-free vessel. Please don’t bring illegal drugs (including marijuana) onboard. Furthermore, for the comfort of all guests and crew, please don't use e-cigs or tobacco products onboard.

Is there a toilet/head on board?

Of course. Your captain will brief you on how to use it. In the wintertime the head is inoperable due to freezing, but there is a restroom located close to our boat at the dock.

I just got to Seward and didn't book anything ahead of time, do you have space or availability?

Since we run a small-scale operation we are able to be very responsive to our guests' wishes, even if you didn't book anything way in advance. In a nutshell, contact us and let's see what we can do! We are available for early, or late, trips as well!

What about seasickness?

Resurrection Bay tends to be usually calm (it is a bay after all), but the outside waters can get bumpy at times. If you think you are prone to seasickness, please consider taking medication before your trip. Note that if you wait too long to take medication until you feel sick it probably won’t do much good! However, since we are a small, personalized tour operator, if you are having seasickness issues we are happy to work with you to find smoother waters for the rest of your trip.

How’s the weather?

In the summer the weather has a wide range from the 50s to the 80s at times. Rain-wise, we can have weeks of dry weather followed by rain. The key is to be flexible and be ready for either rain or shine, hot or cold. The ocean tends to moderate the temperature in the 50s to 60s. In winter, air temperature varies widely from the low teens to the 40s (and, again, varying between sunny, snowy, and rainy).

Where do you go?

Each trip is different, but here is a general map of the Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay area.

Map of the area

What accommodations do you have for handicapped accessibility?

To get on the boat you need to climb up and over the gunwale (edge of the boat). We have a step to make this easier, but unfortunately we are not handicapped accessible.

What else can you recommend in Seward and the rest of Alaska?

Wow, where to begin! Your hosts are Seward locals and have been around the whole state doing all kinds of crazy adventures and would be more than happy to share insider tips for your Seward (and rest of Alaska) vacation. Check out some ideas here.