Check out our underwater videos shot onboard our boat on the Seward Ocean Excursions Vimeo Page!

SCUBA diving in Resurrection Bay, and the surrounding waters, is unreal! With visibility in the summer of 25-40+ feet, tons of fish, dramatic topography, and literally thousands of untouched areas to explore, it is the best place ever to dive. Come aboard our vessel and see what it is all about! We offer SCUBA trips all year-round!

The water temperature in the summer months tends to be in the 50s and the visibility between 25 and 40+ feet. In the winter and shoulder seasons, visibility is even better and the temperature is in the high 30s to 40s.

Can you use a wetsuit? Yes, a thick wetsuit combined with cold water experience will definitely work in the summer months. We heat the boat so divers can warm up on their surface intervals. Dry suits are excellent for year-round diving and essentially are a must-have item for the early spring, late fall, and winter diving season.


Alaska is rich in marine life. You'll see Steller sea lion, octopus, rockfish, baitfish, wolf eels, invertebrates, and more than you can possibly imagine. Don't be surprised if you see a salmon or too darting out of a ball of bait fish during the annual summer runs!

Our vessel is able to get close into walls, cracks, etc. so we can get to the best dive sites. We know many awesome sites, but perhaps you're feeling adventurous and want to try something new? Let's go find a new site and name it! Want to spearfish too? We do that.


Since we are a smaller boat and a remote operation, please plan on having your own tanks and gear for the trip as we cannot provide gear or tank rentals (tanks and gear can be rented in Anchorage). We have a dock cart to help carry your gear to and from your vehicle to the boat.

A typical dive day can be between 2 and 4 dives, depending on how much you want to do. Want to snorkel or free dive? We offer that too! Enjoy the beautiful scenery, our heater, and warm drinks between dives. We recommend bring prepackaged food and snacks on board for between dives.


Captain Bixler is a PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer). He offers certifications, guided dives, etc. on the boat. Captain Krystin is a PADI Divemaster who offers guided dives.

Want to dive on your own? That's cool too. We also offer topside support for unguided divers.

For all dive trips, proof of SCUBA certification is mandatory (no exceptions). For training, custom trips, etc. please contact us for a custom quote for your dream dive trip!



  • 2 dive day, unguided: $200/person (3 diver minimum)
  • 3 dive day, unguided: $250/person (3 diver minimum)
  • Guided diving: add $100 per group for the day
  • Snorkeling/freediving per day: $200/person (3 diver minimum, can be combined with SCUBA diving trips)
  • Non-divers welcome for $150/person
  • Training, etc. extra