Water Taxi


Cost: Varies

Time: Any, year round

Trip Length: Varies

Passengers/fares: Minimum 3, maximum 6

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Guests unloading gear for a winter water taxi trip to Callisto Canyon Cabin at Caines Head.
The popular Callisto Canyon Cabin at Caine's Head.
The popular Callisto Canyon Cabin at Caines Head is ready for your trip!

Seward Ocean Excursions offers year-round water taxi services in Resurrection Bay and beyond. Our boat is set up for comfortable beach landings and loading/unloading of people and gear. Note that we use a ladder to get on and off the boat (not a drop bow), so you must be able to use a short ladder or a slight rise/drop to get on and off of the boat. Missing Lynx has ample room on top, on the bow, and in the back deck for everything you might need to bring along!

Resurrection Bay has an awesome system of 5 Alaska State Park Cabins, with 2 at Thumb Cove and 3 at Caines Head. These cabins are quite popular during the peak summer months (so book ahead!), but often can be reserved last minute in the non-peak season of Fall through Spring! Since we operate year-round, we are happy to take you and your friends and gear to enjoy the wonders of staying in these awesome cabins at any time!

Aurora viewing from the beach at Caine's Head in mid winter.
Aurora viewing from the beach at Caines Head in mid winter.

Water taxi rates vary depending on the destination, but our most popular water taxi rates/routes are listed below. Water taxi trips have a 3 person/fare minimum and a 6 person maximum. Want to book, or want something else? Contact us! See our FAQ and policies for more info.

Please note that unfortunately our boat is not set up to accommodate kayaks, and we do not allow dogs onboard. We do not have a Big Game Transporter license, so due to the State of Alaska’s rules regarding the transportation of big game hunters, we are unable to transport big game hunters.

Popular Destination Rates

The beach at Caine's Head in winter.
The beach area at Caines Head in winter.

If you’re looking for a boat tour, water taxi, and a guided hike up to the WWII Bunkers at Caines Head, be sure to check out our combo trip with The Mindful Marmot!