Lost Lynx in front of Holgate Glacier
Missing Lynx unloading guests in Aialik Bay
Wayward Lynx in front of Holgate Glacier
Interior view of Wayward Lynx
Aft deck of Wayward Lynx

Missing Lynx is a 2016 Hewescraft 240 Alaskan with twin 115 Yamaha outboards and Lost Lynx is a 2018 version of the same boat. Wayward Lynx is a Hewescraft 250 Alaskan with twin 150 Yamaha outboards. The boats are meticulously maintained with redundant backup and emergency gear. We go over and above the minimum required safety gear and are equipped with multiple radios, EPIRBs, satellite trackers and messengers, life rafts, HD radar, and chart plotters (GPS). We operate them as Uninspected Passenger Vessels (UPVs), which means we can legally accommodate up to six guests at time per boat.

The view out the front of Missing Lynx at Holgate Glacier

Our boats are equipped with marine heads (toilets), kerosene heaters/stoves (for your warmth!), tons of interior storage, and comfortable seating. Missing LynxLost Lynx, and Wayward Lynx have interior seating for 7 total (6 passengers + Captain). Their simple seating arrangement and window layout allows for nearly 360-degree views from inside the warmth and protection of the cabins. Even on those blustery winter days or rainier summer days, one can enjoy the surroundings without venturing outside into the elements!

One of their most unique features is the fore and aft doors and decks for wildlife viewing, outdoor storage, and beach landings. Sometimes you just need to climb on the bow to get that great shot of an animal! While underway, the back decks are protected from wind and are a great place to hang out if you wish to stand outside while we cruise.

Our boats are capable of cruising at up 35 knots, but we generally cruise about 20 knots for a more comfortable ride. However, our high max speed means we can get to the wildlife and scenery fast if time is an issue!

Our captains are very meticulous on maintenance, safety, and cleanliness of the boats. Captains Bixler and Krystin are their original owners and take pride in taking care of their boats and offering a safe and awesome experience on the water.

How did you name your boats?

While out riding his fat bike one day, Bixler broke the chain and used a “missing link” to fix it on the trail. While toying with the chain, he was thinking about our new boat we just purchased and our son that was on the way. Then he had an epiphany. It seemed that the two missing links in our life were finally forged: our boat and our boy. Since we named our son Lynx, we decided to incorporate his name into the name of the boat, hence the Missing Lynx.

In 2018 we added a second boat to the fleet, and decided to stick with the same theme and named her the Lost Lynx.

In 2021, we continued the theme by adding our third boat, the Wayward Lynx.