Seward Ocean Excursions is a proud member of Whale SENSE, a voluntary education and recognition program fo responsible whale watching practices.

Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay Half Day Tour

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We like to call this the Best of Everything Tour…part whale watching, part glacier cruise, part sightseeing cruise, part other-wildlife/bird watching, and of course fully beautiful and unforgettable! We cater the trip to your interests and goals! Like all our trips, there is no “canned” route that we follow. 


Cost: $164/person

Time: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Offered April 1 – September 15 (check out our Fall, Winter, and Spring Tours page if you are here outside of these dates for specific information for tours outside these dates!)

Trip Length: 3.5 hours

Passengers: Minimum 2, maximum 6

Happy guests on Lost Lynx enjoying an awesome humpback whale dive
2 humpback whales lunge feeding right in front of downtown Seward
A pod of orcas in Resurrection Bay
2 orcas checking out Missing Lynx
Sea lions by Cape Resurrection
Steller sea lions bask in the sun by Cape Resurrection
Bear Glacier in Resurrection Bay with a humpback whale showing off
Mountain goat nannies and kids eating grasses along the cliffs in Resurrection Bay
A bald eagle scopes out a meal in Resurrection Bay

Our most popular tour, the Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay Half Day Tour, will bring you to the best of Resurrection Bay and beyond, including being in Kenai Fjords National Park. Resurrection Bay tends to be calm, and has some of the most scenic vistas and best wildlife watching around. Some of the things you might see are whales (gray, humpback, minke, fin), orcas, Dall’s and harbor porpoises, sea otters, land/river otters, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, jumping salmon, brown and black bears, mountain goats, eagles, puffins, other sea birds, glaciers, dramatic scenery, waterfalls, icebergs, and more!

The “route” always changes based on conditions and wildlife sightings and, of course, your interests! Areas we frequent are Bear Glacier (one of the glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park), Cape Resurrection (which is a major seabird colony in the area), the islands in the middle of the bay (Fox, Hive, and Rugged), Spire Cove, and an epic amount of beautiful coastline. Check out a map of the area here.

6 Hour Tour Deeper into Kenai Fjords National Park / Aialik Bay

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Cost: $245/person

Time: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Offered May 15 – August 31 (check out our Fall, Winter, and Spring Tours page if you are here outside of these dates for specific information for tours outside these dates!)

Trip Length: 6 hours

Passengers: Minimum 3, maximum 6

Lost Lynx and guests in front of Holgate Glacier
Missing Lynx approaching Aialik Glacier

On pretty much every trip (including half days) we check out Bear Glacier, on the eastern side of Kenai Fjords National Park in Resurrection Bay. On longer trips we go deeper into Kenai Fjords National Park and the tidewater glaciers of Aialik Bay (Holgate and/or Aialik Glaciers). It’s here that you get a chance to see tons of floating ice, calving ice, and a terrain unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We also frequently check out the Chiswell Islands, a unique chain of islands home to many seabirds and other marine life. The added time also means more wildlife opportunities!

Harbor seal lounging on some bergs in Aialik Bay

Full Day Tour

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Cost: $1969 for up to 6 people, private/exclusive for your party

Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Trip Length: 8 hours

Passengers: Minimum 1, maximum 6

Want to go further? Have time for a mid-tour beach combing? Linger with the scenery/wildlife to get that perfect picture? Join us for a full day adventure. These trips are booked as exclusive trips to just your party…anywhere from 1 to 6 people and you’ll have the boat to yourselves (and Captain of course)!

Custom Tours

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Want something different? Let’s organize a custom trip that fits your needs! The options are pretty much endless!